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    The new generation of high-performance-extinguishers from BAVARIA combines functionality, effectiveness and profi tability. The excellent performance of the new BAVARIA product-range PowerCAFS is based on the alternate production of well fl owing wet-foam or perfect light foam, which adheres to nearly all surfaces perfectly. Because of the specially for BAVARIA PowerCAFS developed CAFS-FOAM (BAVAL PC / BAVAL PURE) the extinguishing results are revolutionary and persisting.
    The new FLEXICAFS® technology allows acontinuous selection between wet to light-foam up to a range of water-mist-function. Only one equipment allows the production of 3 different extinguishing results with
    infi nitely variable dosage. PowerCAFS is all in one device!

    Specifications PowerCAFS Z10:

     capacity: 10 Liter
    operating pressure: 18 bar
    flow rate: wet: 13,33 Liter/min dry: 5,21 Liter/min
    operating time: wet: ca. 45  sec dry:115  sec.
    temperature: ca. 0°C bis 60°C
    distance: Nass | wet:16 m
    dry:11 m
    foam extinguishing agent:foam Baval PC
    frost resistant:in preparation
    electrical devices:EN 3: to 1.000 volt/ 1 m distance
    propellant:air: 300 bar/2 Liter
    tube:1,5 m with high-performance-nozzle
    max. performance: 55 A / 233 B (IV B)*
    weight: empty: ca. 12,5 kg .filled: ca. 23,8 kg

    dimension: height:570 mm  diameter:220 mm

    cylinder: CE 0036

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    High performance in professional firefighting has a defined name:
    The real new generation of high-performance-equipment!
    The new generation of high-performanceextinguishers from BAVARIA combines functionality, effectiveness and profitability.The excellent performance of the new BAVARIA product-range PowerCAFS is based on the alternate production of well flowing wet-foam or of perfect light foam, which adheres to nearly all surfaces perfectly. Caused by special developed CAFS-FOAM (BAVAL PC and BAVAL PUR) the extinguishing results and revolutionary
    and persisting.
    The new FLEXICAFS technology allows a continous selection from wet to lightfoam up to a range of water-mistfunction.Only one equipment allows the production of 3 different extinguishing results with infinitely variable dosage.the production of 3 different extinguishing results with infinitely variable dosage PowerCAFS is all in one!

    Specifications: PowerCAFS 50 ltr. Skid Unit

    volume: 50 Liter
    operating pressure: 24 bar
    flow rate:wet: ca. 25,0 Liter/min  dry: ca. 9,6 Liter/min
    operating time: wet: ca. 120| sec. dry: ca. 310 | sec.
    temperature: + 0°C bis + 60°C
    distance:wet: ca. 19,5 m dry: ca. 13 m
    foam agent:Baval PC foam
    frost proof:on request
    electrical devices: EN 3: to 1.000 volt/ 1 m distance
    tube:20 m hose-reels safety controll system
    max. performance: 55 A / IV B*
    weight: empty: ca. 89,5 kg filled: ca.139,5 kg
    dimension: length: 950 mm  width:550 mm   high: 540 mm
    cylinder: CE 1697

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