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  • Elvex GoSpecs II

    Elvex Go-Specs II Anti-Fog Safety Glasses

    The Elvex Go-Specs II Anti-Fog Safety Glasses are innovative and versatile protective eyewear that offer outstanding safety and comfort features so your employees can work with confidence. Featuring a hybrid design that merges the lightweight body of safety glasses with the comprehensive protection of safety goggles, the Go-Specs II can be worn all day without irritation. Impact-resistant lenses are ballistic Vo rated, assuring workers of maximum protection from wind-blown particles such as dirt, dust and cement.

    Suitable for a variety of environments these anti fog safety glasses shield workers from jeopardy whether they are inside or out, in humid or frosty weather. Users have a choice of strap or rubber-tipped temples for protection while the EVA cell foam seal and auto-swivel strap-angle adjustment provide added comfort. If you want OSHA-compliant, all-around eye protection buy the Elvex Go-Specs II Anti-Fog Safety Glasses from ActiveForever.com today!

    Elvex Safety Glasses Features:

    • Reliable protection from sand, chemicals, dirt, debris
    • Safety glasses and goggles hybrid
    • Options for strap or rubber-tipped temples for protection
    • SuperCoat™ anti-fog treatment for consistent visibility
    • ۹۹% UV protection from A,B,C wavelengths
    • EVA cell foam seal for added comfort
    • Auto-swivel strap angle adjustment
    • Tested to ANSI Z87.1-2010 (+) and CE EN-166

    Elvex Go-Specs 2 Anti-Fog Safety Glasses Specifications:

    • Lens Thickness: 2.3 mm
    • Lens Material: Polycarbonate
    • Lens Curvature: Base 9.


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  • Elvex Denali Safety

    The Denali™ is full-featured Protective Eyewear

    • The unique Pantoscopic angle adjustment allows for a more comfortable and customizable fit

    • A top vented rubber brow guard provides added impact protection and venting to reduce fogging

    • Adjustable 3-length drop temples with rubber overlay offers a better fit and slip resistance during work activity

    • The easy-to-wear rubber nose bridge with soft flex fingers easily adjusts to different nasal profiles for a better fit

    • Tested to US Military Standard MIL-PRF-31013 Impact Test

    • Replaceable Lenses Available, purchase seperately.

    • Ballistic Vo rated for impact protection – ۷x ANSI Z87+ energy. (4x Z87+ impact velocity)

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  • ELVEX-Tectra Safety Caps

    Tectra safety Helmet

    The most important aspect of a safety helmet suspension is that it holds the helmet securely on the head. The head hugging suspensions of the Tectra helmet have a low center of gravity than what is offered on other safety helmets. This feature results in a very secure feeling of a helmet that stays on the head. Four different suspensions are offered: four and six point ratchet suspensions and four and six point pin-lock suspensions. All suspensions have three height adjustments.

    Tectra is a Type I helmet, meaning that it is designed to provide protection from impacts to the top of the head. There are three classes of helmets: Class E (electrical) is rated 20,000 Volts, Class G (general) is tested to 2,200 Volts, and Class C (conductive) are not intended to provide protection against electrical hazards

    The Tectra helmet complies with ANSI Z89.1-2009 requirements for a Type I helmet. The non vented version complies with Class E, G and C, and the vented version complies with Class C. Certification to CE EN 397 is pending

    The Tectra helmet is designed to work with accessories and comes with standard 30 mm slots. It works with Elvex hearing protection and face protection, as well as with many competitive hearing protectors. Use any of our four cap mount muff models, with suffix 29 or 30, such as HM-6029 or HM-6030. Use visor bracket model VB-30, in combination with any of 20 different face shields and wire mesh visors.

    Striking contemporary design
      A lightweight Polypropylene shell
      Four head hugging suspensions
      Vented and non vented versions
     Non conductive and general duty models
      Suspension hangers hidden in the design
      Rain trough for water disbursement
      Contour at ears to accommodate hearing protection
      Design for accessories: 30 mm accessory slot
       Complies with ANSI Z89.1-2009

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