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  • FEUMAT Workstation

    FEUMAT Workbench with pneumatic Mounting and Lifting Device for completing the FEUMAT Workshop Service Sets I and II for powder fire extinguishers up to 12 kg. the lifting device rationalises the service procedure for fire extinguishers and considerably reduces the amount of work and time required for servicing. In only a few minutes the fire extinguisher is adapted and removed from FEUMAT Rotation Device No. ۹۰۰۱٫ The rotation device is mounted on the workbench in a holding profile. The rear panel of the workbench is used, for example, for holding FEUMAT tools for fire extinguishers.

    ۱٫ FEUMAT clamping and holding device for fire extinguishers up to 12 kg, Art. No. 9014
    ۲٫ Smooth-running guide rail system including mounting panel and 1-hand fixing clamp
    ۳٫ Workbench
    ۴٫ Rubber mat
    ۵٫ Pneumatic lifting device with button for triggering pneumatic support for Up/Down
    ۶٫ Easy-running drawers, 3 pcs.
    ۷٫ Holding profile for FEUMAT Rotation Device Article No. 9001

    Technical Data:
    Lifting Device Article No. 9021.02:
    Total weight: 31.5kg
    Dimensions (H/B/D): 55cm/80cm/40cm
    Stroke height max. 35 cm
    Pneumatic support
    Workbench Article No. 9021.01:
    Total weight: 91.5kg
    Dimensions (H/B/D): 150cm/60cm/70cm
    ۳ Drawers
    Tool panel
    ۶ Storage containers for spare parts,mounted on rear panel

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