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  • SIMILOC Red Line


    The special line for high performance while working in the heat, or the threat of fire. The flame retardant underwear in which you feel comfortable. Lenzing FR® protects against heat stress and Hautkollabierung. Made from the natural resource wood fiber provides protection against heat in the most diverse fields of work. Lenzing FR® sets global quality standards among the cellulose fibers with incorporated permanent flame retardancy. The fiber protects against heat: fire, radiant heat, electric arcs, molten metals and flash fires. The most important goal of protective clothing is to protect the skin from burns. Because this is our largest and most sensitive organ. In addition, the function of anti-static. This will permanently ensured by carbon fiber. The fiber is distributed through a blend in the yarn evenly in the article.The RED_LINE FR is certified as protective clothing against heat and fire according to DIN EN ISO 11612, protective clothing electrostatic properties DIN EN 1149 -5, industrial washability according to DIN EN ISO 15797th Learn more about the features by clicking on the logos

    Our RED_LINE FR is a special high performance underwear with flame retardants.

    This line is for high performance while working in the heat, or the threat of fire. (tested according to DIN EN ISO 11612) also offers all the advantages of a good functional underwear. In addition, it is designed for use in industry, suitable against electrostatic discharge (DIN EN 1149- 5). This consists of five different materials in the yarn, a knitted fabric which is also against the risk of electric arc (IEC 61482-2) – certified and in ATPV- test and finally has all the certifications that you can have for an optimal quality assurance.

    The material is made from 71% natural fiber. This articles feel very soft and natural. However, a moisture transport from the inside out is given optimal. In addition, the use of high-quality carbon that a permanent security against electrostatic charging and the protection of electrostatic arcing fault ensures.

    The material is highly elastic, as a flame retardant certified elastane is used. Fit and skin friendliness, comfort and durability are
    given in spite of the high demands by said certifications. It is certied for industrial laundry (DIN EN ISO 15797).The sleeves are used as raglan sleeves.
    This offers the advantage that the shirt does not slip out of the pants when working overhead. The waistband is processed with a new stretch technology.

    This prevents the use of the inserted rubber bands. The elasticity can be characterized not by and does not wear out. All products of RED_LINE FR has an permanently odor control and UVA-UVB protection.

    ۷۱% CMD LENZING FR viscose,

    ۱۹% AR meta-aramid,

    ۷% MAC moacryl,

    ۲% EA elastan ROICA

    ۱% Carbon CF no-shock

    Weight: 250 gr/m²

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