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VS 20-Sykan4

VS 20-Sykan4

Material description, VSF 20 SYKAN® ۴

SYKAN 4 has a 100% para-aramide base fabric coated with high-performance elastomers.
An incorporated high-performance plastic film acts as a protective barrier.

• Reusable, washable, excellent mechanical properties
(tear-, abrasion- and perforation-resistant)
• Outstanding chemicals resistance, for example against acids, alkalis
and solvents. Low gas permeability (also against war gasses)
• Good ageing, weathering and ozone resistance
• Applications: Pharmaceuticals, clinics, military and civil defence, industry,
maritime and fire brigades (unlimited)
• Colour: Signal yellow (outer), grey (inner)
• Extremely high thermal resilience:
– for short periods up to 850 °C (combustion)
– for short periods up to -196 °C (liquid nitrogen)
• Outstanding mechanical strength over entire service life; very low fabric weight

• Approval: DIN EN 943 Part 2 (ET) – ۱c (industry & firefighters)
Ex-area zone 0
DIN EN 14126, DIN EN 1149, EN 1073-2
• Weight: 6 kg (without extras)
• Lifespan: Up to 15 year according to manufacturer’s guideline
• Protective gloves: WIPAN CK in sizes 9 to 10 (please specify when ordering)
Alternatives: WIPAN CK+, Butoflex (please specify when ordering)
• Boot sizes from 43 to 47 (please specify when ordering)
– Alternative: Footlets made from suit material

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