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Fire Breaker Action

Fire Breaker Action

 A thoroughly convincing model and therefore one of the most coveted items of fire department turnout gear in Europe: Fire Breaker Action by TEXPORT®.
The Action Series is ideal protective clothing thanks to premium design, state of the art crafts manship and the innovative TEXPORT® features.

Specifications :

Certified according to: EN 469 EN 469:2005 + A1:2006 Xf2, Xr2, Y2, Z2 Addition B

Structure: X-TREME®

Outer material: IB-Tex®
due to the customers satisfaction policy,texport offers special possiblity to produce their products with different outershells:
Pbi neo,Pbi matrix,ToughTM
to grt more information about outershell materials please visit the news sector in our website.
Intermediate layer: TNX Heat Comfort Barrier®
Membrane: GORE-TEX® Fire Blocker N
Lining: Nomex®/Viscose FR


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